Windows Installation & Repair Service in Philadelphia

Union Roofing deals in the installation of windows and their repairs. A window is essentially a translucent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and, if not closed or sealed, air and sound. More times than not, windows often come with screens to protect the house from debris; keeping out pests such as bugs, and occasionally stray birds that happen to fly into glass thinking they have the right of way. Homes often have windows that are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent material such as float glass. Windows are also held in place by frames, which prevent them from collapsing in under the pressure of the buildings framework. Many glazed windows may be opened, to allow ventilation; or be closed to exclude inclement weather.

At Union Roofing we take extreme care in the installation of any client’s new window or the repair of an existing one. Windows can also offer an aestheticism to your home, and we realize that in order to make our customers happy we must not only consider a durable product for the prospective customer, but we must also cater to his or her artistic needs. As with the maintenance and installation of all our products, the customer’s thought on our endeavor to supply him or her with a good outcome, and in this case, new windows, always comes first.

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