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Getting new windows installed or a fresh coat of exterior paint applied to the outside of your home is a great start for adding curb appeal to your property, because wouldn’t you rather have your house be a head turner when people pass by?

Get new siding installed for your home today! Siding often acts as a key element in the aesthetic beauty of your home, and it increases its property value. You can also get siding for your home that is environmentally-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Siding guards against problems like water damage and also saves you money on your utility bills by providing proper insulation. More often than not, siding is formed from horizontal or vertical boards, shingles or sheet materials. In each case, avoiding infiltration of wind or rain through the joints is a major challenge.

Union Roofing realizes that since building materials expand and contract with the changing temperature and humidity, it is essential to provide every customer with knowledge pertaining to the appropriate selection of a particular siding.

As you can see, siding has a two-fold purpose: improve your home’s appearance and protect it from harm. Our goal is to make sure that your siding satisfies both of these goals. If you are looking to get new siding installed for your home in the Philadelphia, PA and Wildwood, NJ region, your options can be constructed from materials including:

  • WoodWood siding presents a natural flair to your home. This material is known for its reliability and diversity thanks to the various types of trees and stains. Wood is a sustainable material and can last for years.
  • MetalMetal siding has become a popular choice. It is strong, made from recycled materials and resists pests and rotting. You can also get metal siding with the color you want to match your home.
  • VinylVinyl siding comes in many different textures and shades. This lightweight material doesn’t show scratches and can be installed over existing siding if necessary. It also requires little to no maintenance.
  • MasonryMasonry siding includes natural and cultured stone. Natural stone options include granite, slate, marble, and sandstone. Cultured stone is a more affordable choice. This long-lasting option boosts your home’s resale value and lasts for a long time.

At Union Roofing, we realize the delicate endeavor of installing siding, so we make sure that every one of our clients is informed of the pros and cons of each material. In addition to the appearance of siding, knowing that your home is properly protected can ease many of your worries.

We vow to put you, the customer, first. We strive to provide you with affordable prices and safe, efficient work that is backed up by a 30-year guarantee. In addition to our siding services, we also offer residential and commercial roofing, emergency roof repair, and work for your gutters and downspouts.

We encourage you to contact us today for more information regarding our siding services. You can call us for a free estimate or fill out a contact form online to get the process started. Take the next step and make your house in Philadelphia, PA or Wildwood, NJ, turns heads in your neighborhood.