Although roof damage is more commonly associated with winter weather conditions, summer storms can wreak havoc with manmade materials and the structural integrity of a rooftop. As the most reputable roofing company in Bensalem, PA, we want to advise residents on ways they can protect their rooftops from summer storms. By implementing the tips below, homeowners can avoid costly damage from occurring as a result of stormy weather this summer.

Give Surrounding Trees a Trim

Spring and summer are periods of growth for many trees and plants. The beautiful weather conditions encourage branches to extend upward toward the sunlight. If there are trees close enough to fall onto your rooftop in a summer storm, they should be cut back appropriately to avoid them damaging shingles or blocking up the guttering on your roof. Blocked guttering can lead to flooding, which can compromise roofing materials and leak through to homes, causing all kinds of damage.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters and roof valleys are there to direct water off your rooftop and away from the foundation of your home. If gutters become blocked, water will collect on your rooftop and potentially seep through to the attic area of your house. Also, the weight of the collected water could cause gutters to break or tear away from a building. As soon as the weather permits, thoroughly inspect your gutters and remove any branches, foliage, and debris that could cause a blockage. We recommend calling a professional roofing company instead of putting your safety at risk if your roof areas are high up and potentially dangerous.

Check Your Roof For Leaks

During a summer storm, increased water flow can cause minor roof leaks to expand into large holes causing devastating consequences. Leaks are serious issues that can ultimately compromise the structural integrity of a rooftop. They can damage electrics, walls, insulation, and even the foundation of a property. Therefore, before the summer storm season begins, we recommend calling a professional roofing company to both inspect and repair any minor leaks that are identified in your rooftop area.

Assess Any Damages After a Summer Storm

As mentioned above, a damaged roof can cause a myriad of structural issues for your home. After a summer storm, inspect your roof to assess any damages that may have occurred. Look out for loose or fallen debris and listen for dripping or running water sounds. If the roof has been damaged, contact your home insurer and then contact us here at Union Roofing for immediate assistance.

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